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April 04, 2017


- Hi, I'm Ike Barinholtz.
- And I'm Amy Poehler.
- And we're two successful white Hollywood actors.
- Super white, the sun is literally poison to us.
- Which means we don't face a ton of discrimination.
- Well, as a woman I've actually
faced my share of discrimination.
- And my name is Ike.
- But we both have seen the devastating effect
that this administrations policies can have
on those who are targeted solely because of
their religion, or the color of their skin.
- So we're gonna use a simple child's game
to show you the dangers of discrimination.
- Whoo! Let's play a little game called
Guess Who.
- It's a lot of fun Ike, and the way
you usually play the game is you have faces in front of you.
You try to guess who the other person has on their card.
And you ask questions like,
are they wearing glasses, do they have a hat,
are they old, are they young?
But we're gonna try to play this game
without asking obvious questions like that.
We're gonna get deep.
- Maybe profile them a little bit?
- Ya.
- We're not racist, we're just trying to prove to you
the dangers of profiling.
Does your person
maybe (clearing his throat)
enjoy spicy foods?
- Racist.
- Ah-ah.
- Does your person um...
It's really hard to not even ask a racist question.
I don't wanna ask questions that are misleading.
I'm gonna try to pick the person
who I think you...
Who you like the most.
- Okay great!
And I will pick the person I think
you would be friends with.
- [Amy] Okay.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna say something and this is profiling.
I don't think you would be friends with Franz.
But why am I thinking that?
- Because I'm Jewish.
- [Amy] Right.
- And Franz is probably German.
Speaking of, Bernard looks like
he just took out half my family line at Babi Yar.
So get rid of him too.
- See that's so racist.
- I know, but...
- Not all French people are anti-Semitic.
And who knows that Bernard is French!
He could be wearing, that could be...
I don't like his hat, not because
it represents a certain group, but because
I just don't think it looks good on him.
- Mmm... I think you would be friends with Eric
because he's wearing a little sailors hat
and you a very big in the LGBTQ community.
But then again I'm assuming because
he's wearing a little cute sailors hat
that he's a member of the community.
He could be a merchant marine.
- You're saying a man who wears a tight navy uniform
and a tiny hat,
to work...
Maybe he's in the Coast Guard.
- Maybe he's in the gay Coast Guard.
- So homophobic.
- He looks like, okay, you're right, you're right.
It is.
You're walking down late at night
you see one of these people
- [Amy] Ya.
- coming at you.
- [Amy] Right.
- [Ike] And you cross the street.
Who is that person?
- Who would make me cross the street?
Every guy.
- [Ike] Every guy?
Bye Alex, Phillip, Herman, Max,
Franz, David, Stan, Bernard, Eric, Joe,
Tom, Charles, Richard, George, and Peter.
So I am left now with two people.
- I'm also left with two people.
And one of them is the person I have, so.
- Me too.
- No way!
- Mm-hmm, so I'm gonna put down the one I don't have.
- No you have to put down the one you have
and guess the one that you...
You're trying to guess who I have.
- Oh! Okay, okay.
- Oh my God, Ike.
- [Ike] Okay. (clearing throat)
- So you have to guess the one that I have.
- [Ike] I know who you have.
- I know who you have.
- Ready, on the count of three.
- [Amy] Oh my God.
- [Together] Anne!
- No.
- [Ike] One, two, three.
- [Amy] Anne
- Can we just say who you have?
- You have Anne?
- No, you have Anne.
- No!
- You have Claire?
- I have Anita!
- I have Claire!
- Well (beeping)
- Two plastic game boards, 24 mystery cards, forty...
No we did it right!
- No you didn't, ya, you have to guess...
- Whoo! Well, we did it.
- Ya, great game Ike.
- We managed to play this without
being racially insensitive.
- Well...
- Kind of.
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