The world's most dangerous artist, in the world's most dangerous movie. (Straight Outta Compton trailer mashup)

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Male Voice:
Let me tell you
what I see you here, a lot of raw talent, swagger, bravado.
People are scared of you.
They think you're dangerous.
When you have a unique voice,
the world needs to hear it.
Male Voice:
Aight, lets hit this shit. Aight?
Another Male: Aight.
( Sings )
I'd like to be
everything you want
Hey girl, let me talk to you
- Hey, that was dope, B.
That shit was dope man.
Male Voice:
Please welcome to
the program, Justin Bieber.
Male Voice:
You have any idea
how many records you're selling?
You're fucking huge.
- There songs, they glamorize gangs and drugs.
TV Reporter:
One witness says the Biebs
hit speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.
- You want to be involved with
this gangster life?
TV Reporter:
Officers pulled him over
and issued him a speeding ticket.
Male Voice:
I think you should
stop driving crazy, Justin,
really man.
- I don't like your attitude to
be quite honest.
- You cannot come down here,
and harass my clients,
because of what they look like.
Male Voice:
You know what, you're
too young to be pee-pee'ing in
buckets, and driving
up and down the highway fast.
There's really no preparing
me for this life. I was thrown
into this at 12 years old,
and I didn't know what I was
getting myself into.
Male Voice:
This isn't the
Crips and Bloods. This is a
threat from the federal government.
Don't ask me about her again.
Don't ask me...don't ask me about her again.
I'm a kind hearted person who
loves people. Thank you God
for your grace, and for never
giving up on me.
- Say that shit like you
believe it man, like it's your words.
Loosen the fuck up.
There you go.