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Written & Directed by Zack Poitras
Starring: Zack Poitras, Langan Kingsley, Jonathan Marballi, Tony Gianzero, Noelle Parker, Lleythan Crosby, Hyla Etame and Brennan Gale
Director Of Photography: Matt Sweeney
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Production Designer: Tom Mullen
Assistant Director: Nicole Jordan-Webber
Production Coordinator: Jack Bradley
Gaffer: Ed Scully
Key Grip: Jo Gutierrez
Camera Operators: Ryan Bender and Nate Cornett
Set Dresser: Jon Flores
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Sound Mixer: Chris Bennett, BoTown Sound
Studio Teacher: Dan Benjamin
PA: Elle Eckley
Editor: Hannah Levy
Graphics: Shawn James
Post Producer: Alex Parks

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(classical music)
->P-U-S-I-L-L-A-N-I-M-O-U-S.Sit down.Honored.Wrong!What is the origin?White House Press Release.Can you use it in a sentence?I'm not here to hold your hand, okay?Attacker.Nope!Theresa.No, okay?P-H-O-E--No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.P-A-I-D.No!J-U-D-G-M--Wrong.H-E-R-E--Nope.T-E-N-N-E-S-S--No!I-N-S-T-I-N-C-T.Wrong, bye-bye.D-U-M-B-E-R.No, little dumber.R-E-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.That is correct.Enough!That's how you spell it now, okay?No, words have an agreed spelling!Okay, look, the President of the United StatesHe's not the President of words!No, you're fake news, sir!You're fake news!You're fake news.You're fake news.I don't even think you're in this room,No, I am in this room, and I am here, and you are fake.No, hey, I'm sorry,But I never asked for a sentence.Shut up, I want everyone to hear this anyways.Tap.T-A-P...That is correct, congratulations, you are the winner,