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Full Credits

Jared: Joshua Sharp
Ivanka: Aaron Jackson
Director/ Writer: Langan Kingsley
Editor: Hannah Levy
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Producer: Nikil Shyam Sunder
Director of Photography: Michael Rossetti
1st AC/ Swing: Benjamin Rutkowski
Gaffer/ Key Grip: Matt Krueger
Production Designer: Lauren Ivy
HMU: Brenna Haukedahl
Stylist: Alyx cohen
Stylist: Natalie Berwanger
Sound/ Boom Op: Chris Bennett
Truck/Set PA: Drew Taylor
Locations: Robin Edelman


(birds chirping)
->Jared, I don't see a servant.Oh, yes of course.Thanks.Okay.This is not rubbed in at all.Oh, I'm sorry.Jared, your hands are like limp ribbons.I think they're pretty
strong ribbons actually.
->There we go.Okay just stop.Talking?I thought I heard you
yapping in a foreign language.
->(scoffs) I don't speak Russian.I didn't say anything about Russian.Yeah, yeah, that don't, no I don't--You just spoke Russian.Uh, excuse?You barely speak English
but you just spoke Russian.
->I don't know what anyone is
even talking about right now.
->Who were you talking to Jared?I don't, listen, I got an idea.No, Jared, I was talking to you.
->How about that?Here I go!
->One, two, three!Don't do a cannonball.Here I go!Oh my god!