Have you seen this TV commercial calling out Donald Trump for being a cry baby?

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February 04, 2017


[male in voiceover]
Donald Trump's presidency is under attack,
and we need everyone, whether you are a former
Trump supporter or decent human being,
to listen to this very important message.
Donald J. Trump is a big whiny baby,
who can't take criticism.
CNN was declared fake news
after reporting unflattering truth.
Saturday Night Live was been dubbed
not funny after mocking Mr. Trump.
And Rosie O'Donnell was called a fat pig despite
being nice woman who cares about people.
Donald Trump is a teeny toddler
trapped in an old man's body,
who can't handle his own reality.
President Baby cries whenever a mirror's
pointed at him be it literal or figurative.
Donald Trump is trying to
block the American people
from seeing any unflattering image of itself,
such as this one.
Or this one.
Or these three other ones.
We need every American to pick up
the phone and call 822-Cry-Baby
and press 1 to leave a
criticism of Donald Trump.
If we can make him cry enough,
he will go away.
Time is running out.
We have Donald Trump on the ropes
and we must keep throwing punches.
We will stop at nothing to prove that
Donald Trump is a giant screaming kid
fitted with a stinky poopy diaper,
who is also afraid of stairs.
Make your voice heard and help us
dump the Trump before he wets the bed.
Call 822-Cry-Baby now.
The committee to defend
literally any other President
is responsible for the
content of this message.
Donald Trump has never
gone pee pee in a potty.