Attempting to simulate the Virtual Reality experience during a commercial audition is harder than you might think.

Full Credits

Director / Actor / Concept - Sergio Cilli
Actor - Mary Holland
Actor - Brandon Johnson
Auditioners - Kristen Rozanski, Nicholas Mandernach, Patrick Carlyle, Allyn Rachel, Yak Manrique, Anthony Gioe, Anais Fairweather, Diona Reasonover, Josh Covitt, Josh Berkhus, Lilan Bowden, Marshall Givens, Dan Lippert, Gregory Phillips
Producer - Michael Burke
DP - Michael Rossetti
2nd Shooter - Ryan McAlary
Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter
Production Design - Ashely Swanson
PD Asst - Killian DeLuke
PA - Mallory Arkin

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January 17, 2017


Mary Holland: We want someone who's gonna
make us feel at home
Mary Holland: and at ease and comfortable,
Mary Holland: but also someone who's
different and strange and new.
Sergio Cilli: We're gonna see a lot of people right now.
Yeah, so, just keep in mind.
- We have Gerald.
- Gerald.
- What's going on dude?
- How are you doing?
Sergio Cilli: So I don't know if you've seen these before.
It's where the people are like
Sergio Cilli: trying on the Virtual Reality mask
for the first time,
Sergio Cilli: and it's just like awesome.
Definitely feel free to have fun,
Sergio Cilli: you know, you seem like a fun guy.
Sergio Cilli: It's a real fun experience.
It's amazing, right? It's amazing?
- It's amazing.
- Yeah. Okay. Sure.
Sergio Cilli: Uh, action.
Oh, sick.
Sergio Cilli: Let's cut.
Sergio Cilli: This is the first time you've ever put it on.
- Yeah.
- Because right now it's reading like
Sergio Cilli: this is like other times you've put it on.
- Do you want me to sit?
- No, you cannot sit.
Sergio Cilli: And action!
Oh my goodness. [deep sigh]
Wow, it's so real.
Oh! Oh. Wooo.
I thought that was real.
Oh man, this is so cool.
I've never had as much fun in my life. Woooo!
Sergio Cilli: Okay, okay, okay. Um, no talking.
Sergio Cilli: Don't-- Uh... It's too much.
I like, the vibe is great.
- Great yeah.
- I just think, you know,
Sergio Cilli: that's not like how anyone would ever act.
- You've got a great look.
- [giggling] Yeah, you do.
Sergio Cilli: Uh, really it's a good look.
And uh, just have fun with it.
Sergio Cilli: And action.
Whoa. Awesome--
Um. Uh... I'm sorry, sorry.
- Did you... Can we start over?
- Don't stop in the middle of takes.
- That's uh, unprofessional.
- That's a great note.
Sergio Cilli: And action.
I'm sorry. Can I start over?
I'm sorry.
Sergio Cilli: That was the one note
I gave was not to start over.
Yeah, I know,
but I didn't feel like I started yet.
- Great look.
- Mhmm.
- [breathing deeply]
- Make it happier. Happier.
Sergio Cilli: Happy crying. Tears of joy.
Turn them into joy.
- There's no such thing as tears of joy.
- Tears of joy is definitely a thing.
- [she yelps]
- [giggling]
- I'm sorry. We're not laughing at you.
- You're laughing because it's good?
Sergio Cilli: You gotta understand, it looks...
You look so stupid with that,
Sergio Cilli: uh, cardboard thing on your head.
- You just look so stupid. [laughing]
- It's look like a bird.
- Alright, just have fun with it Carolyn.
- Okay. Caro-Caroline.
- Caroline.
- Yeah. Here we go. And action.
[gasps] Wow.
[deep breathing, moaning]
Sergio Cilli: Uh... uh, yeah. Awesome.
- Thank you.
- Cool.
Mary Holland: I would fall on a sword
before we hire her for this.
Sergio Cilli: You have a great look,
you really do. It's diverse.
- He's got curly hair. So that's cool.
- Yeah.
- He can be from anywhere.
- He can be from anywhere.
- From anywhere. I'm in love with that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Curly hair can be from anywhere.
- You're not white right?
- Uh, no comment. [giggles]
Brandon Johnson: I say the same thing.
I say the same thing.
- Uh-huh.
- [laughter]
Sergio Cilli: So, just to be clear,
Sergio Cilli: we don't want any kind of comedy funny.
Brandon Johnson: No, no. We recently shot a very,
very funny comedy spot that
Brandon Johnson: our CEO at Samytong
did not enjoy at all.
- Sorry. Yeah.
- Are you going to put it-- You can't.
I thought it's a thing that
your phone goes in it.
Sergio Cilli: That's not going to--
Just pretend. You have to do it pretend.
Sergio Cilli: And... action.
[cell phone rings and vibrates]
- Is that your phone?
- You guys... Can you hear me?
Sergio Cilli: Yeah, your phone's ringing.
- Here we go. And action.
- Oh! Oh!
Brandon Johnson: I feel like after six years of improv,
he's definitely not funny, and that's great.
- Can you give me a scream?
- Mhmm. Big, little?
- I don't know. Scream!
- Okay, great.
[she screams]
Sergio Cilli: Whoa. Just a little.
- How's it going?
- Great thanks.
- Cool.
- That's a cool necklace.
- I don't want to see anymore women.
- Okay, well we gotta pick one.
- We have to pick one, you know?
- I don't see any of them.
- You guys like this weird guy?
- Yeah. I did like him.
Brandon Johnson: Yeah, we did like the weird guy.
- Gregory Phillips for you.
- Okay.
- Afternoon.
- Hello. Alright, let's see what happens.
- And action.
- Whoa!
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Sergio Cilli: He was not too big,
that's what I like about it.
- It's perfect.
- Perfect.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, that was uh... Thank you.
Brandon Johnson: I haven't seen my dad in like three years,
Brandon Johnson: and I'm pretty sure that I just saw my dad.