Lover. Loser. Legend.

Velvet Tom is an impenetrable lounge tour de force! A new strain of vocal virus that will rip through your cerebral cortex so fast, you will orgasm out of your earlobes. His complex compositions. His mesmerizing mash-ups. His horny harmonies, will leave your panties soaked. You’re already imagining this, aren’t you? Velvet Tom will rearrange your DNA and leave you in a mushy pile of bad choices, on the floor, when he applies his lips, teeth and tongue, everywhere. Addictive arrangements are the taste that get you hooked. He’s your Smack, your Crank, your Molly. He is your Higher Power. Give over to him. Of course you’ll be sorry. And sore. Fall in lust again. Stop Beliebing and start believing in the leg opening power that is Velvet Tom. He is the piercing sun and the cooling cloud burst that follows. You will laugh-pee. You will cough-cry. You will be forever transformed and theirs nothing you can do about it. Discover for yourself his seductive magnetism. Discover why he is the Lover. Loser. Legend. Velvet Tom.