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Sarah Monson

is The Bitchlorette. Facebook won't let you like me. Sorry. Pick up my new book, ME ON TV and get all the SECRETS that will get you famous faster! When you do, you'll get a bunch of extra bonuses + a maybe even a free kitten! ** http// ** I’m a reality show casting director who spent years casting quality television programs including Survivor, Blind Date and The Bachelor. I'm writing a humorous memoir about said career and how I used my job in casting to bang hot guys instead of putting them on TV. You may recognize me from 20/20's annual reality show special where I kept asking if girls tits were real, as the leopard print footie pajama fashion victim on "How Do I Look?," or as the girl who actually called 911 on a very special episode of Scare Tactics. I've written for Cosmo, AOL, YourTango, Lemondrop and SheKnows.