Sean Balmy Sean Balmy

Sean Balmy

Seán Balmy was believed to be born in Nyalam(Chinese: ???, nielamu), a Tibetan town near the Nepalese border. . The year of his birth is unknown but is believed to be in the early 1980's. His mother Jane Balmy was Irish but spent most of her life trekking in the Himalayas. This is where Seán spent his childhood. She was a Buddhist and brought Seán up as one too. She often left Seán in the care of Buddhist monks while she trekked. Seán soon after began training to become a Buddhist monk. As a result of this Seán adopted many Buddhist traits. Legend has it that whilst trekking in the Karakoram in 1989, Jane Balmy was killed and eaten by a sacred snow leopard called Littlewood. Buddhist monks believe that when a person is killed and eaten by an animal, that animal then absorbs the soul of the person. Séan, still only a child and not finished his training, left the monastery and travelled to the Karakoram in search of the snow leopard which he believed was his mother. After months of trekking Seán eventually found the snow leopard which he believed to be Jane Balmy. The leopard then took care of Seán for the years following until it fell of a mountain in 1994. Buddhist monks believe that when a person or animal is killed by falling off a mountain, that mountain then absorbs the soul of the person or animal. That mountain is known world wide as Cho Oyu(or Qowowuyag; in Nepal ????, Tibetan in Wylie transliteration jo bo dbu yag; Chinese ????, Pinyin Zhuó'àoy?u Sh?n) and is sixth highest mountain in the world, but is known to Seán as Jane Balmy. Seán made the mountain's slopes his home and has lived on them all his life. Whilst living on the slopes of Jane Balmy, Séan spent most of his time meditating and communicating with the mountain. It was through doing this that Séan truly gained inner peace. Although he was brought up as a Buddhist, his time spent meditating on the mountain drifted him away from the religion. He soon developed his own beliefs and his own way of thinking. He created his own personal religion and called this ''The Balm''. He believes The Balm to be his spirit, and his spirit to be a separate being. After creating the religion Séan began to refer to himself as The Balm instead of Séan. Many people get confused as they think Séan is speaking about himself in the third person but he is actually referring to the spirit The Balm, which he believes controls him. Soon after gaining inner peace Séan began to trek the Himalayas and the surrounding mountain ranges. He visited many Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian and Bhutanese festivals and Cities. Here Séan became influenced by all the different cultures. He began to buy many items of clothing and developed a very distinctive style. He is seen wearing long beanie hats, trendy hoodies and baggy trousers. He also developed a trendy well-groomed goatee. On his treks Séan soon began to influence many Western tourists. Many of which tried to follow his ways. They brought Séan on trips to the main Western cities of the world. Here Séan became disgusted by the impure, corrupt and uncool nature of many City people. He made it his mission to help and inspire these people in dire need of coolness. Uninvited, he helped many people, businesses, bands, teams and many more to become cool and pure. His methods of helping are often seen as ridiculous and stupid but always seem to work. Whenever he is finished a mission he travels back to his mother and his home, on the slopes of Jane Balmy. He stays here until his Western messengers arrive with a new mission.