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Ever felt like the world was conspiring against you? Perhaps you've experienced Murphy's Law where whatever can go wrong, WILL GO WRONG?! Welcome to my world. I'm an Angry Klown. That's right, I said it. I'm making use of my degree from CLOWN School, in order to gain employment as a cakey faced lunatic whose job is to make people laugh. Hey, Krusty ain't got nothin' on me. You might ask, "Why the does anyone want to be a clown?" Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. After I got fired from my job, my girlfriend dumped me, and I started being on a first-name basis with my bill collectors, I realized that I needed to do something to get the cash flow moving. Did I mention that my house is in foreclosure? So, follow me during my adventures as I try to stick it to the MAN! Or actually, just try to get some dollar bills in order to not be so broke. Say WHAT?!