First Look

Hair & Makeup

Actors transform themselves for roles in a variety of ways, none more important than hair and makeup. Artists on The Kellyanne Conway Story painstakingly recreated real-life characters down to the tiniest detail. Endless hours of meticulous labor and state-of-the-art prosthetics created looks completely indistinguishable from the true-life personalities they mimic.

The Birth of Alternative Facts

After a shocking "Access Hollywood" tape surfaces, Kellyanne's budding relationship with a charismatic politician falters. His undeniable magnetism draws her right back in, with exactly what she wants to hear...

Producers’ Statement

Kellyanne Conway is the single most fascinating woman in American history. Beautiful, blonde, articulate — it's no wonder Donald Trump chose her to helm his incredibly successful presidential campaign. Our production company is committed to making the voices of blonde, white women heard. It's incredibly difficult to tell the story of a woman that is as entertaining as a story about a man, but we are tremendously proud of the work we did with The Kellyanne Conway Story.

Chicken and Choices

Kellyanne and Donald share a tender moment over tender white meat, musing on their contributions to American democracy.


Kellyanne puts Pence in his place, threatening to take away the two things he holds most dear: J.C. and Mother.

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