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You Are Now Beyond The Valley Of Good Taste!

The seeds of the 13th floor were first planted in the mid 1980's when co-founder Kenny Joslen watched the movie Porky's at the age of seven, which had a profound impact on his still developing mind. He spent the rest of his youth mainlining Richard Pryor and living on a steady diet of films such as Revenge of the Nerds and late night Cinemax skin flicks. Coincidentally, around that same time co-founder Jim Fuller was having his mind warped, as well as his penis bonerfied, by B horror films such as The Slumber Party Massacre and Friday the 13th.It was a million porno's watched and fifteen years later when the two began talking at a local video store where Jim worked and decide to collaborate on a project in the vein of Monty Python, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Amazon Woman on the Moon. Not long after that Brandon Hoffman, poster child for alcoholism joined the group and began his career as a drunken voice actor and sound designer. The group takes their name from the urban legends and conspiracy theories that surround the 13th Floor and as homage to 60's psychedelic garage rock legends The 13th Floor Elevators. The group is about to release there first full length film this fall, a raunchy and comedic horror movie that is sure to satisfy every gore fanatic and pervert alike.