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teNdc films is a group who like to make people laugh and have a good time being stupid with friends. Founded in 2003 by Toby Egnor and then Danielle Carlisle. Filming all through 2003 and into 2004 with various people including Josh James and Kenny Eagleson. teNdc films takes an extended hiatus and is stalled until late 2006 when the Baby Got Back lip-syncing video was filmed and released on YouTube starring Toby & Kenny. Sparking the idea of a teNdc films onslaught once again. teNdc films officially restarted in 2007. Filming though the whole summer and fall while adding a few key members such as Shannon Gill, Craig Bradtmueller and last but not least White Larry. teNdc films in early December let go 3 members of the crew while adding 2 new people right back in who include Josh Kipker and Bob Werfal. Being friends with the rest of the crew for some time now they fit right in. With open roads ahead, teNdc films strives forward into 2008 with additional stupid antics in public, stunts, and further into sketch comedy. Responsible for videos such as Baby Got Back, The Fart Fire Mishap, Dumb On Two Flat Wheels, The Salvia Trip, The Old Guy Haircut, The Needles,The Devil's Rejects Fire Show, EXTREME...ly Retarded, On the Streets of Sexiness, Our Magic Carpet Ride II, Wild Backyard with Evan Evans, Setup To Blow Up, and The Penis Mouse Trap. CAST MEMBERS Toby Egnor Danielle Egnor White Larry Shannon Gill Craig Bradtmueller Josh Kipker Bob Werfal with appearances by Josh James Jason VanCleve Kenny Eagleson Clint Tribble Reid Bissell Jared Rosalez Shawn Dempsey