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Adding insult to everything.

TAUNTR.com: Adding insult to everything. Your trash talk—now on steroids. TAUNTR.com is home to the most brutal, most hilarious “I can’t believe they just said that” sports content on the web. Our staff of sports taunting professionals work tirelessly creating headlines, videos, animations, games, audio and more to crush your enemies, crack up your buddies and completely confuse your mom. WARNING: Use of this content may lead to the loss of friends, family, your job, marriage and/or your ability to eat solid foods. To make your taunts extra ball-busting, just go to TAUNTR.com, search the team you want to trash, then send to the unfortunate soul of your choice and laugh hysterically while your former friend is reduced to tears. TAUNTR.com guarantees each taunt will ensure your victory in the smack talk war, or your money back. Be the first to use TAUNTR.com and be the envy of whatever sports bar you’re reading this in right now. So what are you waiting for? Get to TAUNTR.com today.