Spicey the Gnome Infomercial! Spicey the Gnome Infomercial!

Spicey the Gnome Infomercial!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1449311555/spicey-the-gnome-the-official-sean-spicer-garden-g Spice up your garden this summer with Spicey the Gnome in, or among, your bushes! Fend off bugs, rodents and pesky reporters!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1449311555/spicey-the-gnome-the-official-sean-spicer-garden-g Shortly after the firing of James Comey, White House Secretary Sean Spicer huddled among the bushes with his staff, preparing a communications strategy, and a legend was born. But why just let that legend live on the internet, when Spicey in the bushes could be a real, live, living (ok maybe not living) thing? We launched Spicey the Gnome because we felt you shouldn't have to live in the White House to have Spicey in your hedges! The best part? 100% of profits will go to Politifact, a non-profit, non-partisan fact-checking organization that aims to hold government officials accountable and voters well informed. So this summer, spice up your garden and support a good cause! Every little bit helps get these, even if it's just a share on social media! ***Spicey's Specs*** Spicey the Gnome will be a polyresin figurine manufactured using eco-friendly raw materials and paints. Dimensions: 10in x 8in x 5in