Did you know they make tiny hats? And you can put them on cats? What a world we live in!

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He puts on his robe and wizard hat...

"Ho, ho, no."

Four hatted cats. One very lonely owner.

Hello, kitty!

The eyes see into your soul.

This cat doesn't give a duck.

My, what big ears you have.

"Lobster? I hardly know her."

He's the bad boy in the group. He's also gang affiliated.

Contemplating the meaning of life.

One classy cat.

Unhappy birthday.

Nobody calls Kitty McFly a chicken.

Just the cats, ma'am.

Cirque du No Way

Tilt your head for maximum cuteness.

This cat has eyes on the top of his head.

"I think the mushrooms are kicking in."

"I'm funny? Funny how? Like a clown? Or more like a cat wearing a tiny hat?"

This is the smallest bow tie for cats the owner could find.