Giving a face to the Mordor diaspora in New York, one orc at a time.

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September 01, 2015
"I've worked at the Black Gate for fifteen years. As I get older, I find myself losing connection to the hopes and aspirations I had as a young orc. There's something sad about that, but there's also something comforting."
"I took this stick from a sneaky ranger manfilth. I'm going to give it to my best friend."
"I grew up in Cirith Ungol and moved to Ditmas Park about five years ago. It's just not a place to raise a family."
"I was ten when I found out that the Dark Lord created us from elves. That blew my mind. It's so weird to say, but sometimes when I look in the mirror I can see what I would have looked like."
"I've always been an optimist."
"I live in East New York and commute into Gorgoroth. I love my job. I design the war paint for Uruk chieftains. I might have the only artistic job in Mordor, except for maybe the Dark Lord's architect. But I think the Dark Lord designs his architecture himself."
"I've got the kids this weekend. We're going hiking in Ered Lithui."