TARGET: Eastbound and Down premiere party. PRIMARY BOMBERS: Los Angeles Dodgers Javy Guerra and James Loney. MISSION: Bomb the hell out of everyone. Bonus points for enlisting the help of Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Jerry Minor and others.
By Funny Or Die February 13, 2012 63k views More Info

Primary Target: Bombed

Adam Scott: Bombed.

Party Down Bomb

Nick and Aziz: Bombed

Bonus Jerry Minor Bomb

These Ladies and Their Couch: Bombed

Step 1: Bomb

Step 2: Make a New Bomber Friend

Marilyn Manson: Bombed

Marilyn Manson Again: Bombed

Marilyn Manson Trifecta: Bombing Accomplished

Two Blondes: Bombed

This Trio: Bombed

Ginger: Bombed

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