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The Finest in Unprocessed Television

Somedaaaay we'll get paaaaid for this.... Scrapple.TV as it exists at the moment is a virtual pirate TV commune featuring every badass art bastard and stared-at-in-the-street crazy Philly street culture freak around. It's launching loaded up with scores of sometimes disjointed, sometimes mind-bendingly short and often life-threateningly funny videos. The homeless reviewing movies. In Breakfast at Sulimay's, already a YouTube hit, old folks review the latest records in Sulimay's on East Girard Avenue. In Darren's Basement, an incoherent Darren "Hoppy the Frog" Finizio, Philly pop legend, hosts a chat show from behind a bar in his parents' basement. In one episode, he's ripped to the tits on codeine and vodka asking alterna-burlesque performers questions so crude they walk out in disgust. There's a mini-doc about a Scrapple.TV film crew getting thrown out of Wing Bowl "for getting too close to Wingador." A hypnotic mock J-pop-culture show featuring Philly drag king Wang Newton firing on all five surreal cylinders. In Collateral News, a professor pontificates on the possibility that the CIA is spying on antiwar radicals with remote-controlled cockroaches. It's punk rock for television. - Steven Wells for Philadelphia Weekly