Scenario Brothers Scenario Brothers

Scenario Brothers

The Scenario Brothers are the messed up brainchild of Kevin "Winchester" Hughes and Paulie O. Dubbed "The Scenario Brothers" by one of their gravely balding friends who smelled like that odd combo of gunpowder and sex... with animals... the two brothers set about expanding on their twisted ideas and making them manifest on the silver screen. The two met at a class to rediscover manhood, and learn how to hide your penis back inside his body like the Kombai tribe of Papua New Guinea. Hence the two embarked on an epic quest to create mirth and a lightheaded yet oddly aroused feeling in all who witness their insanity. All suitably understated with a didactic message that makes you question your life as a human being on the planet. Yes, seriously. We mean this shit. Most of it. The Scenario Brothers are based in the movie capital of the world, Silicon Valley, California, and can often be seen discussing script ideas while eating Indian food at the many establishments located there.