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Sam Locke is a director, voice actor, puppeteer, prop designer and musician in Chicago, IL. He frequently works with the Annoyance Theater. Sam was born in Rockwood, TN, and moved to Chicago at the age of 19 to study improvisational comedy at the Second City Training Center. He has since trained at both the Second City Conservatory and the Annoyance Theater’s Training Program. Aside from Acting, Sam is an experienced director having directed several shows with the Annoyance Theater including remounts of Splatter Theater, several 20 minute shows for the Wednesday Triple Feature program and the original all ages show “Weirdos”. Sam is a resident director with the Annoyance Theater. Sam is also an experienced puppet builder, having built puppets for Weirdos, The Annoyance Christmas Pageant, It Came From Kentucky, as well as for the production of Purple Rain the Musical at the Neo Futurarium. Along with this, Sam is a skilled practical special effects technician honing his skills on Splatter Theater.