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Repo is a Texas native whom growing up faced a lot of obstacles, mostly mental. Being located in the area of a military base, he was presented with different races and creeds, thus dealing with many personalities. These personalities combined with his own, caused many restless nights in search of self. Having no one to talk to he turned to the only thing he could think of, even at the age of 10, writing. Inspired by poets such as Langston Hughes, he too sat down with pen in hand releasing his thoughts and true feelings. Repo is said to have a dark outlook on life, but has been giving the literary power to pull light out of even the most abysmal situation. Now that he has grown, he now uses that energy to reach more people who too may be, or feel lost at the time by presenting them with his at times thought provoking work. Because of his skill, of literary contortion and his sometimes comical response to situations, he has taken his act to the stage and does stand-up comedy to help calm the masses, as well as his own demons. You should create your own