ReggieWarren ReggieWarren


Where do I start? Im the most fear'd fucking badass walking the goddamn Earth and i beat the shit out of UFC fighters on a regular basis. I also love burning the road up in my Cobra, drinking mountain dew, hunting buck and boar with my bare hands, Copenhagen spitting competitions, writing love songs for Cindy, pencil fighting, burning Ozzy on to my knuckles with a pencil eraser (rub it really fucking hard and fast until you see blood, son), funneling Busch Light, doing advanced ninchuck figure 8's, collecting deer piss, and throwing Chinese stars at my Yankee neighbors. They've never called the cops on me cause I convinced them that we have ninjas living in the woods who have been hanging out since the 14th century. Guess what? Those ninjas are me, mane! Move back to France you goddamn yuppie fucking Yankees!