RedBullMan RedBullMan


eeessshhh no basta fish again.

Hellloooooo iam redbull Man i drink redbull to make me fast ,i love my redbull i even sleep about it. I like doing me own daft vids. I have me own like page and on youtube and trying myspace but that dead (. And im not ginger iam Strawberry blonde ya bastard ya . what drives me nutss is me nutts ooooo nice salted nutts with redbull. I looovvvveee redbull i do. last time i ate a cat i got the chicken potts. who needs pies when you can eat fat people. ...KFC yummy licken mice. my mum was a nun on a friday. too many sheep make me a dull boy. i like to push chavs off hills while there on fire. last time i ate a mouse it got stuck in me teeth. church never!!!!!!. speed traps will never catch me . do ginger men get ginger crabs??.. So remember be a freind if you like nutty people who do nutty things ). ill upload my vids on here plus they go on youtube <<<<<< which is http//