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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Well, after dominating the world of competitive bodybuilding in the 1970's I decided to try my hand in the film industry. I am still the most successful action hero as well as wining a golden globe for my comedy work. After ten years of kicking ass in the move biz I became the governor of the great state of California. I am still the most successful governor the great state of California has ever had and I still have two possible terms to go. But with all these great accomplishments under my bulging belt I feel my greatest accomplishment is my humanitarian work. I have been deeply involved with the Special Olympics for decades, along with countless other humanitarian organizations. No matter how much fame or fortune I get from working in the movies I get the greatest personal satisfaction from working with underprivileged and special needs children. I am also eternally grateful for my amazing wife and wonderful children but they don’t give me enough space to tell you how I feel about them.