Rawd Rawd


not just for breakfast anymore...

I try to think positively inspite of the fact life sucks and I'll never ammount to anything and everything is stacked against me. Like this whole world is one big lets-kick-the-shit-out of-Rawd party. It's good to always keep that positive mental attitude. Always have to have the hope! Had to stop drinking Rum, switched to beer, it's easier on my stomach. I only smoked weed once and I did inhale. I felt like i was part of the sofa and I was checking out and remarking how perfectly staight the back of my hand was. I don't do that anymore. I enjoy all different kinds of movies and music, mostly cheesy hair metal ballads. I really enjoy this website and I can't wait to contribute more. I hope you enjoy what I do... I don't really know what that is yet but it's fun. I enjoy photography and Photoshoping things, writing, drawing occasionally. I would love to learn guitar one day so I could do parody songs. Drop me a line if you are curious about any more.