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a smile goes a mile :)

hey my name is Hannah ppl like to call me banana, surprise surprise. and i go to junior high....6 am comes early. sigh. haha. i love my friends, they're incredible! we hang all the time! especially at the mall and we like to have fun (making scenes...like running up the down escalator).im not in denial about being COMPLETELY obsessed with justin bieber. :) me n my friend,emma are crazy about himm. im goin to his concert in june wen he comes to Cincinnati and imma meet him! ahh. i cant wait. haha. i go to church every Sunday and Wednesday night. im constantly listin to music and i like goin to the movies,swimming and jus havin funn. i love vitamin water and cool ranch doritos. yummay! well yah. now ya knw the basics of me n my life. peace out! luv yah. (=