Skeletons in the Piano Skeletons in the Piano

Skeletons in the Piano

Skeletons are not created in death, they are exposed, revealing life's foundation

When an emerging independent rock band is called Skeletons in the Piano, launches their career with an album titled Certain Slow Murder (2008) and blows everyone away with their first official label collection (on Magnetic Eye Records) Please Don’t Die, their obsession with expiration might give off the impression they’re a heavy metal band. Proponents of the psychedelic grunge movement, the band’s unique “dirty haunted rock” sound is influenced by old world music, blues and rock. Scorching the stage and studio alike with a vibe somewhere between Black Sabbath and The Doors, but with fully modern sensibilities, they bring howling vocals, blistering riffs, complex rhythms, dance and art to every show, creating a mood and casting a spell. They are perhaps the only rock band in the world whose music was compared in a major online review (BucketFullofNails Blog) to “a modern distillation of composer Richard Wagner’s self-termed music dramas…fusing musical, poetic and dramatic elements into a sound both original and classical in nature…lending itself to the theatre of the mind.” Skope Magazine had this to add, “Skeletons in the Piano is unapologetically awesome and I appreciate their commitment to originality and their sound. Musically diverse as they come…..this one will have people talking.” Spurred on by their dedicated fanbase to create captivating multi-media stage performances–including grainy silent movies and live art created by local artists and raffled off at shows– Skeletons has filled The Putnam Den to capacity multiple times in their home base of Saratoga Springs, NY, in addition to expanding their scope with gigs at The Big Easy in Portland, ME, The Knitting Factory in NYC, Café Da Vinci Bar in Deland, FL, and opening slots for national artists like Phantogram, Dax Riggs, The Sword, Fishbone, The Black Angels, Paleface, Black Taxi, Primer 55, The Wombats, Vic Ruggerio, The Goddamn Gallows, and Paranoid Social Club.