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I'm asian. Average Height for an Asian male. Bobby Lee-ish attitude. I like Rice and Chicken with Soy Sauce splattered on it. Worst part in my life This girl i broke up with during college decided to come back to me a year later, to my house in the morning at 8am!!!!! when you're in college 8am is in comparison to 3am, so i was still sleepy as hell. she came into my house and i sat on the couch across from where she was sitting. I'm alone in the house, so I was kind of scared of the situation. Yes I did break it off with her after sleeping with her but only because her breath smelled like fried eggs after you puke it out. she said"I want to talk about us and we should be together." (I'm trying to keep this short for everybody so I'm skipping some things) I said "there's no us im sorry, but you gotta go and move on" She came and sat on my lap, and said "that she cant be without me in her life." i said "this is how it is in reality, things just cant happen because you want it to. I cant be with you." So after trying to talk to me and what not. she got up and went to her purse. Mind you I just watched on the news the night before about a woman killing her children and then her husband and then committed suicide afterwards. So she reached for her purse and said "well, since we can't make it work, i got something for you" I then immediately opened my eyes and said "well you know we can work something out, still be friends and hang out and all" She said "NOo i rather be with you instead, but since i cant I might as well give you something" So she reached in her purse and started to take something out, something chrome-ish looking like the handle of a handgun..I then got up and looked around. I saw a hairbrush on the top of my couch and took it in my hands. I gripped it as hard as i could and cocked my hand back ready to hit her upside her head if she pulled a gun out. I then said "well you know you dont have to give me anything" she said "yes i do or else..." I said "WAIT!" and then pulled my arm up ready to swing.. the girl pulled out a framed picture of us when we was at the mall in one of them photobooths.. i put the hairbrush down..felt kind of bad and got serious. I apologized for just leaving her and breaking it off, but she can find someone better than I am that has much more to offer. She gave me a hug and left, walked out the door into her car and drove off. I of course stood at the door and made sure she left and not try to scratch up my car like that girl did in the movie Next Friday. Thats the worst day of my life...well I lied but that was the beginning.. if you wanna know more about me message me or follow me on Twitter/pheaktol