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Pete FourWinds

In no particular order, this is me: I'm a roller coaster fanatic (when I say fanatic, I mean it), paintball enthusiast (rec-level woods player), motorcyclist (I'm a certified safety instructor, and I love really extreme custom bikes, but sadly I'm between bikes at the moment), and amateur filmmaker (non-adult, you pervs, but I haven't ruled it out completely). Powwows are also pretty high on my to-do list. My family and I generally spend our summers travelling from powwow to powwow (though not as far from home as we would like), so if you're ever in New England (or if you live here), check out my schedule on my website, then stop by at a powwow to say hello! I also happen to be a Native American dancer/lecturer/educator (HOOP DANCER since 1994, of the Mohawk Nation, for those of you keeping score), multi-tattooed heavy metal listening skydiver, water and snow skier, rapeller...well you get the idea. I'm your basic all-around long-haired death-defying thrill-seeking freak. I'm a huge fan of motorsports. I'm mostly a NASCAR fan, but I'm also a big NHRA drag racing fan, mainly because one of my dearest friends is a professional NHRA driver (specifically Pro Stock Motorcycle). You'll find her on my friends list "Double G" Peggy Llewellyn (probably in the top spot). I'm also happily married with two children. Our first, our daughter Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee - it's Gaelic for "celebration"), was stillborn on December 9th, 2006 due to a somewhat rare genetic disorder, Trisomy 18. We miss her terribly, but we know she stops by from time to time to check in on her beautiful brother Connor, born March 25th, 2008.