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The official account of recording artist Don P. @PerionMusic

The official account of recording artist Don P. @PerionMusic Born in 1993 on an impoverished side of Southwest Denver, Don P learned early on what life in the hood was like. Don was raised by a single father due to drug addicted mother who was absent at the time. Though his dad worked hard everyday, they were still only able to afford a one bedroom apartment where shootouts happened regularly. Seeing his dad struggle with bills to not having his own room, new clothes, and getting shoes only about once a year, Don P always knew he wanted a different life for himself but like most youth where he's from, he quickly fell into the temptations of the streets. In 6th grade Don P went from an honor roll student to ditching, getting into fights often, and got put on a gang by older kids in his neighborhood. He was now fully involved in the lifestyle and was doing anything and everything for the respect of his peers around him. This continued all through high school with Don P getting kicked out of countless high schools. As Don got older, the same people who were friends and grew up with each other in elementary and middle school were now shooting each other over a color or crew or getting life sentences. With the murder of two of Don P's friends, the suicide of his closest friend, someone he grew up with being charged with murder, and himself being charged in a case where 4 of his friends snitched on him; he was over what the streets had to offer him and wanted to start putting his focus towards something more productive. That happened in September of 2010 when he began recording music again. Although he had recorded and done shows before, Don P began to take music serious as a business. In March of 2011, Don P had his 1st show opening up for Brick Squad artist OJ The Juiceman. Within 5 months of his 1st show, Don P was contacted by Brick Squad manager OG Mack Drama who offered him a year contract on the Atlanta-based label. Brick Squad released Don P to the world with his self-produced hit single, "My Story" featuring Brick Squad artist Haitian Fresh who is also signed with Wyclef. Though the deal helped Don P make a lot of connections in the music industry and learn the in's and outs of a record label, Don P felt the label was not the best place for him and decided to not renew his contract in August of 2012. Since then, Don P has maintained the contacts he got while signed and has still continued to network with some of the music industries most respected artists. In 2015, Cory Gunz right hand man, Young Hash from Militia Gang announced that they will be managing Don P. By associating with artists like Gudda Gudda, Mims, Twista and having backing from legendary artists like Missy Elliott and Warren G; Don P has made a name for himself in a city with no connections to the outside music industry. Don P is currently working on his second mixtape, "The Wait Is Over" which he will be including many large features and will be releasing independently and is currently on his own 12 city tour across the U.S. With growing success we are sure to see a lot more great things from this young mogul!