People Are Detectives People Are Detectives

People Are Detectives

The comedy web series about a few detectives who love walks on the beach, fine bourbon and good conversation.

The official Funny Or Die channel for the comedy web series People Are Detectives, created by Carmine Covelli. Directed by Jason Cacioppo and starring Neal Medlyn and Carmine Covelli. Book-ended by the love-child action montages of Cagney and Lacey and the A-Team, the show is an absurdist take on the bizarre, banal and sometimes bonkers existential anxiety of two detectives on a series of stakeouts and in one another’s company for a criminally long time. Seen only through the prison-like windows of their state-owned car, it's True Detectives meets My Dinner With Andre – a no-action cop drama with no perps, no arrests and no conclusions.