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Over the years Paul Dooley,great character actor and longtime Dylan fan, remembered fondly his "Subterranean Homesick Blues". He had been amused and intrigued by the quirky way the song was illustrated through the use of cards. So had many others. And the video, of course, became iconic. As Dooley grew older (and then even older) he found himself discussing with his (even older) friends the many ailments and illnesses that beset senior citizens. He flashed on an idea that would pay homage to Dylan. His friend, actress Lynne Lipton, found a director, cameraman, and a location. Lynne produced and edited (and even played the bag-lady at the end). Turning to his other friend (he has two) Dooley enlisted Bruce Burton to sing the new Medicare-related lyric. Bruce and his band, Double Deluxe, created the track--four guitars, drums and harmonica. Burton performed the Dylan-esque vocal. It may seem foreign to younger viewers, say under 50, announcing all one’s illnesses and ailments as in this video, but the day will come when all of you will have some of these complaints.  So laugh if you will (and we certainly hope you do) but please be sympathetic to our elderly friends and remember…we all have to play the cards we are dealt. Thanks, Dooley NOTE For those that may remember Dooley's film "Breaking Away," the "Reflux? Reflux?" line is a reminder of his best known line from the film, "Refund? Refund?" DOOLEY DOES DYLAN ... THE LYRICS OH, THE PAIN OF ARTHUR ITIS CONSTIPATION DEEP INSIDE US BAD CASE OF DIABETES GIVIN’ ME THE HEEBIE JEEBIES LOSS OF APPETITE LOSS OF HEARING AND IF Y’ PLEASE LOSS OF KEYS LOOK OUT KID, THIS IS WHAT THEY DID LIVIN’ WITH THE LIVER SPOTS CAUGHT A REALLY BAD COUGH GOT OSTEOPOROSIS AND I GOT CIRRHOSIS ON TOP OF EVERYTHING I GOT STUCK WITH SCOLIOSIS Card reading HIVES Voice over I need Obama Care MUNCHIES MAKE ME WANNA EAT HEMORRHOIDS…GOT ME BEAT OH WOW…IRRITABLE BOWEL FLATULENCE…I GOT IT NOW MEMORY—JUST GOT BADDER Blank card. Blank card. GALL STONES IN THE BLADDER LOOK OUT KID, THIS IS WHAT THEY DID WENT AND GOT A HIP REPLACEMENT CRABS…DOWN IN MY BASEMENT SUFFERIN’ FROM SHINGLES SCUFFERIN’ FROM SCURVY I WAS KINDA COOL WITH THAT BUT PROSTATE UNNERVED ME Voice over Where the hell’s Kevorkian? HEART MURMUR’S NEVER FUN OH, THAT HERNIA… THAT’S THE ONE I’M TENSE AND JUMPY, ALL BECAUSE …OF MENOPAUSE …RICKETS… SUCKS …AND… ACID REFLUX Voice over Reflux?...Reflux?...Reflux? LOOK OUT KID, THIS IS WHAT THEY DID DAMN THE DAMN INSOMNIA DYSPEPSIA’S A BUMMER BUT LOOKIN’ ON THE LIGHTER SIDE IF THERE IS A LIGHTER SIDE DIET DYSPEPSIA’S REAL GOOD IN THE SUMMER Card reading Erection lasting more than 4 minutes. LES DIXIA I MEAN, DYS LEXICO ER, LOOSE DIXIE CUP Card reading Oh, Fuck it. I’M FATIGUED…IT JUST AIN’T FAIR SAVE ME A SPOT IN INTENSIVE CARE. Hospital beeps. OH BOY, NOW IT’S CRITICAL Hospital beeps. WORSE THAN THAT. IT’S TERMINAL. Flat line. Silent interval. Card reading Rigor Mortis.