Party Rock Party Rock

Party Rock While searching for a name for his Electro/Hip-Hop group, Sky Blu decided to shoot an iChat message to his grandmother with the latest idea, seeking her opinion. "Our new name is gonna be Sexy Dudes...what do you think of that?" Grandma Goodfoot replied, "LMFAO". Sky Blu, and his partner-in-rhyme, Redfoo, knew grandma was on to something. "When we told our friends our name was LMFAO, they loved it." Still not completely convinced, they ran it by their parents to get their reaction. They hated it. Redfoo's dad said, "Garbage!..I don't understand what the f*ck that means." Sky's Blu's Mom simply replied, "That's just poopsauce." It was then they knew their search for a name was over and LMFAO was on and poppin. As Hollywood locals, Blu and Foo already rocked the beat as experimental Djs, who had a knack for rockin' the show by bringing electro into the commercial club scene. With their own musical aspirations, they continued to produce their own hollywood brand of hip hop and electro while constantly bringing that old school house party atmosphere. In 2007, the duo showed up at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, and real talk, the trip's non-stop partying and feel-good vibe they experienced in South Beach ended up being the source of their musical and creative style. "We came back to LA and things were different," Redfoo says. "There were a couple of days where it dropped down to 55, 60 degrees and people were like, 'Why are you wearing shorts you idiot It's cold.' We replied with a pimps bottom lip "No stress baby, I'm In Miami Bitch!!!!..." On a mission to capture their party into a way of life, and get everyone else on the LMFAO wagon, they started making original dance songs in their studio apartment to play in the clubs. In true DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fashion, Red and Sky released their "I'm In Miami Bitch" song on myspace and branded their signature look -- wearing loud colors, rockin' glasses with no lenses and always stayin' fly with one of their own self-designed shirts. These boys are always on the grind touring constantly, and keeping fans updated daily with the LMFAO Dailys on youtube (http// And just to add to the list of entrepreneurial projects, they keep it real with their 'do-it-yourself' approach by running their own label and clothing line, Party Rock (http// Their enthusiasm and passion for creating an entire musical movement has translated in LMFAO being one of music's most popular emerging acts on the independent scene. Sky Blu (his given name is Sky and the sky is Blu, after all) and Redfoo (the Red symbolizes his passion, and he acts a Foo.... in bed) make music that straddles genres (Electro, Hip-Hop, Club). The group's iTunes-released Party Rock EP features the duo's most popular songs and they've enjoyed more than 2 million plays on their myspace page ( Party Rock serves as just a taste for their upcoming debut full-length album and has resulted in a loyal fan base of hyped up party animals, with over 20 fan videos! Born and raised roaming the streets and surfin' the beach in Los Angeles' West Side (Sky Blu is Redfoo's nephew), the pair looks forward to achieving their objective to give the people in the club what they want. "We want to make the earth a party planet," Sky Blu says. "Our goal is to package this energy up and to spread it all over the face of the world," Redfoo adds. "We want to throw the biggest party ever where everyone comes and has a blast, it gets us off. We're trying to be the biggest we can, but with our own sound." When asked if there was one thing they could say to the the ladies and fans out there, what would it be, they said in unison with out hesitation, "I am not a whore. But I like to do it."