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Funny or Die FTW

Can social media play a part in encouraging social change – in Canada? To be sure, there must be social unrest before social media can play its part, but there’s no shortage of that in Canada – the privatization of healthcare, the rising poverty rate in children, the attack on unions, the Harper cuts to women’s organizations across the country, the list goes on and on. And left on the sidelines are the millions of victims who seem to have nowhere to turn. With this in mind, Operation Maple made three assumptions when it began last October 1. The organizations that usually speak out on social issues have been largely discredited by the mainstream media. 2. What still holds true though is that people respond positively to the lives and experiences of real people put to screen; 3. People also want levity; a relief from dark themes now and again - hence Operation Maple’s occasional attempt at humour. This is the toughest. With this in mind we ask you to watch our videos, read our articles, and consider getting involved. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Comment, and share! http//www.operationmaple.com/ http//www.facebook.com/operationmaple http//twitter.com/#!/operationmaple http//www.youtube.com/OperationMaple