Onesie Onesie


Onesie was born and raised in Oklahoma by its single parent, like most comedy troupes in nature. Also, like most comedy troupes in nature, Onesie has several detachable limbs. There are 3 primary limbs, named "Derek", "Mitch", and "Dustin", and anywhere from 2 to 5 secondary ones called "David" and "Matt", alternately, back-and-forth, until there are no more limbs that day. The name Onesie might have been chosen because of the symbolism of multiple limbs emanating from a central fabric hub. Or, I just made that up just now. Onesie was conceived immaculately by a single, hermaphroditic comedy troupe called One Hit Wonder, which was, in turn, born in 1995 by C-section. While One Hit Wonder once ruled the stage (performing eventually in HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival), Onesie turned its focus to for-profit online video production (when that was a thing). Now, with 17 years' experience in comedy, across all manner of media, each of Onesie's limbs wears many hats. Onesie also invented the first "limb hat", or "sock".