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3087 Brighton 4th St Brooklyn, NY 11235 (646) 725-5719 7days 12pm-10pm Cash, Credit Cards Beer is one of the staples of many backyard BBQs, many football games, and many friendships. In fact, you may even have a friendship or two that was introduced over a cold one. When you are looking to enjoy a beer with your friends, family, or by yourself, you want to turn to a place that offers the best beer menus in Brooklyn. It can be difficult to find a company that provides all of the best options for beer around and many restaurants and bars only stock the commonly named beers and manufactured, tasteless options. At Oktoberfest Beer Store, we do not believe that your beer options in Brooklyn should be limited to just the most popular manufactured brands and that is why we are changing the industry. If you would like to visit our shop, we have two convenient locations here in Brooklyn. You can also get ahold of us by calling our storetoday at 347-492-3222.