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www.youtube.com/oddlydisturbing ABOUT ME I lost my soul in a game of cards. I sleep in an oxygen chamber (and there's only room for 3.) I drive a car made of clay. I'm very good at 'Bobbing for Cabbage'. I fucked your dad. I'm allergic to skin. I think Chlamydia is a nice name for a girl. If I had a nickel for everytime a blew a horse, I'd have ten cents. I enjoy being whipped with Red Vines. I have a removable hump. THINGS I'VE LEARNED - It's only harrassment if the feeling's not mutual - All things fuzzy, are not cute - I can NOT out run the cops in heels - 'Refuck' is not a word - Tuna is not a deoderant - Your husband likes me best - Caviar was never meant to be eaten - I CAN kill and get away with it - Handcuffs hurt if the safety's not on - Penicillin does not cure everything - I stay crunchy in milk