Noah Dyer for AZ Gov 2018 Noah Dyer for AZ Gov 2018

Noah Dyer for AZ Gov 2018

A refreshingly honest candidate for a modern Arizona

I am proud to be the only candidate who is ready to tackle Arizona’s biggest challenge: partisanship. Progress on education reform, immigration reform, health care reform, tax reform, and other important issues cannot be achieved unless we first reduce partisanship in our politics. Today, many people seem to want our leaders to fail; not because they disagree with their policies, but because they have the wrong label. We need loyal leadership that stands beside the people and doesn’t shift alliances with every political wind or negative news cycle. Too many people want to get more out of the system than they put in. We need a leader who understands and honors our sacred history and traditions. We need a leader who stands up to the bullies and speaks for those without a strong voice, especially our children. At this crucial moment in Arizona’s history, I am the leader that has the right priorities for a prosperous, rewarding future.

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