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Niente Peaches, a comedy group, was founded in 2007 by Igor Zhukovsky, Ernie Zahn and Tom Stroll. Today we have grown to at least one more member! WOW! So we write jokes and then those jokes take on various forms. We’re kinda broke so we use Twitter more than anything else. The reason we’re broke right now is because we’re producing a feature length epic comedy movie called, Charlie Christ: The Gospel According to Fools. Oh, and we blog too! And blogging is the best way we can keep y’all posted on the current status of our film. We post behind the scene clips, movie frames, production stills and a bunch more! Details on Charlie Christ can be found at the Charlie Christ project page. Aside from this movie we also make web videos and other neato things that will be coming your way this Fall. It will all make sense very soon, have no fear my child.