Lola B. Shadee and Roger Lola B. Shadee and Roger

Lola B. Shadee and Roger

Shhhhh...We are thinking.....

A Group of Puppets called Dumpets. That like to talk about Stuff on the Internets. Lola B Shadee is the creator and host of NICE SHOW! - a news magazine where Lola and her Dumpet co-hosts take an inquisitive look into the world of pop culture... and other stuff... Nice Show....Dramatic Twitter Readings...Voice over Dubs...Skits...Recaps and Reviews...Other Stuffs.... New Videos Every Week! The first Season of Nice Show starts September 19, 2012 Check out Lola's Blog & Roger's Blog, Twitter, and Tumlbr. Hot topics and Reality Recaps Check out Lola & Roger's Blog (Warning-She blogs Trash!) http// (Warning-He blogs geek stuff) http// Reality and Celebrity Gossip, Gifs, Pics, and Polls-Check Out Lola's Tumblr (Warning-She tumblr Trash!) http// Roger and Lola's Twitter (Often Real-Time Tweets during shows) Lola's Twitter (She Tweets Trash) https//!/LolaBShadee Roger's Twitter (He Tweets Geek stuff) https//