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NEWS BUTTERFLY TV - A / K / A WOMEN POWER IS A WOMEN'S MOVEMENT ! Q-WHY IS NEWS BUTTERFLY TV UNIQUE ? A- *For the First Time Ever 1-The biggest women's movement in TV history 2-Every Woman from age 16 to 60 can be a TV anchor or an actor on "News Butterfly"which is a TV channel about beautiful & talented women from across the globe,with a passion for TV journalism. 3-Every woman can promote their products & business on news butterfly "Market Place". 4-All women anchors/actors are commoners like regular house wives-students-doctors-nurses-models- teachers-bartenders-waitresses-fitness trainers-models-entertainers-dancers-singers-factory workers-community organizers- Small business owners-media editors-laywers. PRESENT OUTCOME / RESULT 1-A Women's movement has started, whereby scores women are participating as TV anchors / actors every week on News Butterfly TV . 2-These women call themselves News Butterfly. * PROGRAMMING Targeted To A Powerful niche of women, their friends,spouses and their house hold through the following segments 1-WOMEN POWER SCRIPTED CONCEPTTO HELP WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD WHO ARE VICTIMSOF JOB LOSSES POVERTY INJUSTICE DISCRIMINATION SEXUAL ABUSE, SEXUAL EXPLOITATION MALE ASSAULT HUMAN TRAFFICKING LACK OF EDUCATION. 2-MARKET PLACE MODEL QVC CONCEPT A UNIQUE TV Platform FOR ALL WOMEN TO MARKET,ADVERTISE ON & CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER TO CONDUCT BUSINESS ,BUY OR SELL THEIR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES,AND TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES ,THEIR BRAND OR BUSINESS Teaser Trailer Links Below Complete Show Below http// 3-INTERNATIONAL MATCH MAKERSREALITY TV CONCEPT A REALITY SHOW WHERE SINGLES FROM THE GLOBE MEET NEW MATCHES ! OR COME PLAY MATCH MAKER TO FRIENDS ON TV ! 4-THE COMEDIANS SCRIPTED CONCEPT A TV platform for aspiring comedic performers or stand-up comedians, actors ,speakers or 5--NEWS BAZAAR SCRIPTED CONCEPT NEWS & PERFORMANCES AUDITIONED ON THE CASTING COUCH BY ALL WOMEN TALENT INCLUDING KIDS & TEENS *Starring ALL WOMEN FROM AGE 16 To 60 *Directed By HELP TALENT INC *Written By HELP TALENT INC *Filmed At ITV MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) *Associate Producers International Television Broadcasting ( ITV ). Co-Producers TV 23 with 6 over the air Digital television channels from Empire state building New York, covering all 5 boroughs of NYC from Princeton to Paterson to New Jersey, reacheing over 14 million people. Joint Producers TV 39 New Brunswick, New Jersey TV 30 Norfolk VA TV 44 Dallas TX TV 45 Jacksonville FL TV 35 Tallahassee FL TV 51 Burlington VT ITV Gold New York. WATCH NEWS BUTTERFLY TV MON TO FRI @ 12 NOON ON CABLE TV TIME WARNER