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Michelle C

I Do Not like Will Fairy Ferrell I LOVE HIM LMAO! I love to pull pranks on people. I am a very blunt person & I hate liars, users, theives, ho's, beyotches, snobs, farters, cheaters, spiters, perverts, ass wipes, know it alls, fakers snuff, JEALOUS LOSERS! I am tired now. We have only been making videos for public viewing for going on 3 months now. NEWBIEVIDS site will be dedicated to the newbies out there in media entertainment like us. We are people whom have no education in the field of film/media/acting/art schools. When your a newbie in the popular video industry with all the powerful competition you are working 10 times harder than most. Why? Because us newbies don't know what we are doing! We are self taught and learning on the way. Slip inside and check out these great NEWBIEVIDS.COM made by us newbies! My VIDS have made New York Times & CNN & that with 0 support from others.