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Comedian Nazareth

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“The Show Had The Audience Convulsing” The New York Times About Comedian Nazareth Comedy has the power to quickly shift one’s mood of bleakness to that of cheer and liveliness. Despite one’s race, religion, ethnicity, and social class; it has the capability of uniting people from different backgrounds together, serving as a common denominator to all. It is one thing to be a comedian who can conceive an uproar of laughter in a crowd. However, to be a comedian who can inspire a crowd at the same time is a rare find. Nazareth has been using his talents of bringing comic relief to his audience while directing his acts to help improve their well-being. Nazareth, originally from the Holy Land, has been honing his talents as a comedian for 25 years. Prior to moving to the United States to attend college at the University of Toledo Ohio, he uprooted from Kuwait with nothing other than a passion to make the most of the life he has been given. His passion for comedy ignited when he asked himself one day, “What do I want to do in life that if I never get paid for it, I’d still do it to the best of my ability?” Making people laugh was the only thing that came to mind. The next day, he signed up at a California comedy club for open-mike night. He took the stage before a crowd of nine drunks. Nazareth recalls them laughing so hard that one of them fell off their chair. From the moment that he discovered his talent for bringing comic relief, his desire to do it for a living was without question. Nazareth has seen much success in his 25 year comedic career. His dedication and unrelenting commitment to giving his audience his best performances have bore much fruit. This is has been evident from guest appearances on national television, performing for government official, and receiving accolades by prestigious individuals. The New York Times reported about one of his performances saying, “The show had the audience convulsing.” Nazareth has performed in numerous well-acclaimed stadiums and sports arena across the country. These venues include, but are not limited to, The Famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, The Pepsi Arena in Colorado, The Pizza Hut Center and The Toyota Center in Texas, and Notre Dame University’s Concert Hall. Though Nazareth has seen much success in the public eye, there is nothing that motivates his desire to perform his best than using his career and influence to benefit others. There is no questioning his motive for bringing happiness to his viewers. Since beginning his career, he has visited over 200 prisons and death row facilities in the United States, and has brought cheer to the lives of many homeless people. One thing that Nazareth is recognized by his free concerts, known as Laughter For All, that he hosts several times a year. These concerts are often described as inspiring and encouraging as they bring relief to his audience. This event focuses on giving people hope through a spiritual approach by providing entertainment that brings laughter through clean comedic acts. Nazareth’s motivation for hosting these event is to see people who cannot afford to go to a movie or a concert come together as a family, laugh together, and be encouraged. At the end of the night each under-resourced person leaves with a gift and a food box. This sought-after performance draws crowds as big as 5,000 people. Hosting events, such as Laughter For All, is just one of the many ways that Nazareth uses his talent to affect lives. He has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other non-profit organizations around the United States. He takes prides in the opportunity he has had in bringing relief to returning Armed Forces in the U.S. and Germany. One of the roles that he takes great joy in is being a director for a ministry that supports Christians in the Gaza Strip. Added to this joy, is his role as co-founder of a ministry that reaches out to thousands of refugees fleeing Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran to find refuge in Southern California. Nazareth’s devotion in encouraging people through the art of comedy sets him apart from most comedians. One of the most-remembered compliments of his came from an elderly lady who shared that she had not laughed in five years since she discovered she had cancer. However, in the last two hours she laughed so hard, she forgot about her pain. His desire to see his audience forget their stresses and fear propels him to strive to be the best comedian he can be, with the gift of generating jokes. Though he has the title of an acknowledged comedian, his greatest credit is having the role as husband and father. Nazareth has been happily wed to his wife for almost 19 years, and is a father of 3 children. He resides in Southern California.