LibertyFillmore LibertyFillmore


is saving the abandoned shopping cart at a time.

Born smack dab in the county seat of Hudspeth County, Texas on the same exact day as Nic Cage*. Daddy was a preacher and lion tamer who, on account of a major shortage of lions and religious feelings, worked as a gas station attendant. Mama worked as a greeter at the local hardware store, but this was long before being a greeter was a paid position, so much of her work was what folks in Texas call, “loitering.” Ever since I was a baby, I could talk to carts. In fact, growing up, carts was my only real friends. I listened to their problems and helped heal their shattered hearts, and in return, they kept me alone and isolated for my oddness. Soon I discovered I had no taste for human contact and lived alone with a herd of carts in the parking lot of the local Rite Aid for nearly four years. This, my space, on myspace thing is myattempt at trying to git crosst that chasm and meet some liked-minded, cart-lovin' indivigils. Besides reachin' out and touching someones, I hope this here webby site will raise awarenesses, and let shopping carts know they ain’t alone. From the ones in a snowbank, to the ones people leave in the window of virtual five and dimes. I say it’s okay to put a cart through the checkout and back to its rightful place among the others in corral. Folks, the truth is I'm like Santa Claus, Sasquatch, and the Tooths Fairy, but with less facial hair than them there cavemen types and their hyperactive follicles. I may not be "really real" or "actually real" or even "sort of real," but I keep it real. And, like Claus, 'Quatch, and fairies, lifes is better with me "around." Can't deny that, now can ya?