brandi paige brandi paige

brandi paige

is a smile machine =]

i love... driving my truck, working, and laughing my butt off. i make funny faces when im nervous. i hate the beach. i give in to my cravings. im that girl who sits in a window for four days for hannah montana tickets. kasey kahne is amazing and you cant tell me different. i decided to change, so now i go to the gym and eat LOVING it. i watch the disney channel. i want to get married and stay that way. i have wanted to be a mom since i was like six, so i know im meant to be one. i am planning on going to pharmacy school...if i can pass chem. my true passion is making people smile. i procrastinate and it kills me. i dont party, i dont go to clubs, and i dont waste my time with immature people. i dont cry very often, but when i do its for something real. my family is my rock. its and odd one, but i love them. my life is great right now, so im probably going to be smiling every time you see me =]