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says "laugh ey, it makes your face look better!"

Via the light of moon goddess warrior Coyolxauhqui a prophecy was fortold 513 years ago to young weaver Pocha-hontas (the mother of all Pochas) who, inspired, weaved the prophetic statement into a intricate huipil. This huipil, lost for the last 500 years was found one day while 3 mujeres were bargain shopping at a thrift store. Gazing at their amazing find the weaved prophecy revealed itself stating: “Ey! Relax, stop taking yourself and this story so seriously,” These Chicanas pondered, meditated, and finally responded, “…oh.” Thus, LAS RAMONAS were born! LAS RAMONAS is comprised of teatristas who have independently created, performed, and taught teatro throughout Los Angeles and beyond for over 10 years. This force of mujeres came together for the Mujeres de Maiz celebration in 2007 to create, re-create, share, and provoke a Xicanista critique through the medicina of carcajadas.