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Lala's Show

Life is funny

I decided to create my own Web Series to entertain you. Lala's Show is SAG-AFTRA New Media Web Series. Once you start watching my series, you will notice that I am using my self, my peers, and acquaintances' experiences to make fun of life and all the crazy encounters in our world. Yes, believe me life is hilarious! Who wouldn't be amused by the life of an independent woman's survival skills as an actress in Lala Land? These adventures in Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area are truly a “Dark Comedy”. In fact I will go even further... Because Sometimes life may not seem funny at the time (no matter where you live and who you are.) But when you stand back and look at those situations that hurt or angered you then it might make you laugh at your emotions and the circumstances that made you feel bad. We all feel sad sometimes, but at least you can laugh at me while I show you mine! Or you might just want to bang your head on the wall, but come on∼ isn't life too short for head injuries?