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Inappropriately sticky, so you don't have to be

With the world on the brink ruin, and the current Hollywood “creative” system struggling to survive under the smothering rule of corporate America; The members of Delicious Mayhem Productions have decided to disengage the methods in which things get done in Hollywood, and use the World Wide Web to return comedy to the people. Banded together with a group of virtuously talented friends, business associates and co-workers, we will bring about a new dawn in entertainment. Building a foundation based on the abandoned principals of quality filmed entertainment, we will move through Hollywood silently converting non-believers. We will recruit the talented disenfranchised of Los Angeles, adding strength to our already thriving legion of creative cavaliers. Make no mistake, change is inevitable! Our numbers are numerous! Our strength is strong! Our resolve is…resolvey! We are Kids Eating Paste, and we are here to make you laugh!