A Beautiful, Laughable Life A Beautiful, Laughable Life

A Beautiful, Laughable Life

Sharing stories and spreading laughter everywhere we go!

Kalliste Zoe "Όμορφη Ζωή" means "A Beautiful Life" in Greek. I created Kalliste Zoe Productions to explore, capture, and share the wondrous beauties in life through film and storytelling. While at USC, I studied Theatre, Business and Film Production. My experiences there further fueled my passions for entertainment, which is why I am currently pursuing my acting and writing career in Los Angeles. Kalliste Zoe Productions is developing original stories, short films, comedic shorts, web-series, TV shows and feature films, collaborating with 3CUT Productions on many of these projects. This channel will feature many of the comedic short sketches and parodies we create, most based on real life experiences. All in all, I hope this channel continues to promote my writing and acting talents and spread more laughter and beauty to others.